CC Select

CC Select provides support in the recruitment of new staff and the development of their career.

CC Consult

CC Consult solves organisational issues for local governments and government organisations

Probis Consult

Probis Consult advises care and welfare services in the Flemish Community on their organisation and financing


Vorm organises education, training and coaching programmes in the care, welfare and public sectors.

Probis Mgt

Probis Mgt offers knowledge and experience through interim management, management assistance and coaching


Advisory, education en Human resources for social, public and private sector in Belgium

Keeping healthcare, elderly care, non-profit, government and private care
organizations healthy. That’s what we’ve doing since 1990, by aiming at
enduring effects resulting in lasting change. Organisations and governments
seeking efficiency in their customer engagement, as well as in their business
approach can count on us for both innovative and hands-on advice.

Probis Group combines practical insights and methodologies with a profound
understanding of the social, public and private sectors, resulting in tailored
sustainable solutions.

Our expertises

  • Developing enduring strategies.
  • Making organizational change happen and last.
  • Ensuring financial stability and growth.
  • Designing, building and maintaining healthcare infrastructure for tomorrow’s
  • Managing organizations.
  • Engaging and motivating your employees.
  • Spreading insights via inspiring courses.

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